PowerBook 190 Server Downloads

All software and resources on this site are freeware. You can browse the archive here.

68k Mac server software

Except for my script application, these downloads are provided as a last-resort service. You should be able to find the software by following the links on the server home page. Downloads from here are likely to be slow.

MacHTTP 2.6
Web server for 68k Macintosh.
FTP, HTTP and Gopher server for 68k Macintosh.
Eudora Internet Mail Server 1.3.1
SMTP and POP3 server for 68k Macintosh.
An error handler for MacHTTP, allowing you to specify different error pages for different virtual servers. It also provides directory listings, and restarts the computer at a given time every day or after a given interval. Script application, requires AppleScript.

My 68k Mac software/utilities/hacks

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