PowerBook 190 Server Pictures

chest of drawers This is the server cabinet at X-Ray Valley. Note the Viking-style wooden cup. It was free with some mulled wine in Røros. Don’t worry about the other junk.

laptop on a chest of drawers This is the server in its configuration … configuration. You have a closer view of the Viking cup to the left of the PowerBook. To the right are the cells from its battery pack. The battery pack was as dead as an overworked metaphor, so I disembowelled it, just to be on the safe side.

drawer full of electro-junk and floppy disk boxes This is the hi-tech cradle it lies on when in action. Note the battery contact cap lying on the diskette box at the back (to the top right of the serial cable, near the Torx 8 screwdriver). This lifts the machine up so the WLAN card has the necessary clearance not to rest on the top of the back wall of the drawer.

laptop on its back in a drawer full of junk Here we have the server in action. It is lying on its back so that the WLAN card clears the back of the drawer without the computer snagging against the drawer above. I moved the sleep switch from under the catch so that it doesn't fall asleep when closed. Tests have shown that it doesn't get too warm.